$9.95 Postage Australia wide // Coastal Empire will be closing on September 30

Not just a bikini bag..

Its not all about your beloved bikini when it comes to these cute clutch bags. With many other uses, these bags are bursting with fun, vibrant colours & brilliant tropical prints, they are the perfect travel companion too, being big enough to hold onto your passport, tickets & phone device yet small enough to fit into your hand as you pass through the boarding gates on your next escape to tropical paradise... 

Each bag is lined with a waterproof fabric, ensuring your wet cozzies don't soak everything else in your beach bag (just be sure to wring out before you put them in the bag), it certainly looks more classy than swinging a grey plastic bag around your wrist as you trot to the public dressing rooms at the local surf club too! (We have all done it!)

No matter what you choose to use your bikini bag for (pencil case/makeup bag - just a few more suggestions) - you are going to love it, those around you are going to love it & I am sure it will make people smile with the bright, fun, tropical vibes that you will radiate with your bag in hand.

*Please note - Bikini bags are used best with a smile.


x Renee

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