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Fresh new creators & current product crushes.

Hey awesome human,

Thanks for all of your support so far!!
As you know, Coastal Empire is a one stop shop, full of wonderful & unique homewares, fashion accessories, body products & even designer stationary & sleepwear.
Recently, we have welcomed some GREAT NEW brands to our growing empire. 
INNER SPARKLE, scented soy candles, made by hand (& with loads of love) on the NSW south coast & also TEA BEING, another NSW south coast company producing delicious Organic herbal tea blends, perfect for the cooler months ahead.
Luxury stationary brand, ARTY HEARTS also became a part of our family with a stunning range of journals, pens & accessories with the most beautiful tropical prints. Lastly, if you came along to our Open Day you may have been lucky enough to sample & purchase the delicious treats from
VERONICA'S SWEET TRUTH (they didnt last long!), a range of sweet delights available exclusively on our Open Days & in our specialised gift packs.

Speaking of open day...Coastal Empire also held an OPEN DAY!
THANK YOU to everyone who came along, supported our day & for your ongoing support. Coastal Empire would not be where it is today without you all & most of all, THANK YOU for supporting a small business, YOU ROCK!
Keep your eyes peeled for another open day in the coming months, this time we are taking it north...STAY TUNED.

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Off to something a little more interesting.....
Our creater Renee, has decided to have a little fun & has invited the Coastal Empire makers & creatives to share with us all the items they are currently loving on the Coastal Empire online store. 
Renee is leading by example & has decided to go first.

...See pic ...
Lets get down to the finer details.
  • Bikini Bags. These are THE MOST versatile bags i have ever used. I recently went over seas & i used my bikini bags for everything! Passport & document holder, cosmetic bag, pencil case for the kids (and me), sunglass/reading glasses case & finally, bikini bag, for all the wet cozzies.
  • Cushions. I LOVE this print! So tropical, so durable & SO DAMN good! & i have both sizes, inside & outside!
  • Immunitea by Tea Being. This organic herbal tea blend is SO delicious & makes me feel like I'm fighting off those germs one cup at a time!
  • Fabric journal by Arty Hearts. Not only do i LOVE the print but i love fine detailing on each & every page. The inspirational quotes peppered through the book is such a beautiful & thoughtful touch.
  • Kaftans. These well made & easily washable kaftans are SO COMFY! I took mine to Fiji in Feb & I loved wearing it to & from the beach, & back again, they dry super fast & are easy to roll, which makes them perfect for travelling.
  • Soy Candles by Inner Sparkle. Super delicious scents which flow throughout my home on a daily basis. Home isn't home without one of these babies burning.
  • Lip balm by Nalu Skin. My favourtie it the coconut, because im a typical island girl at heart who dreams of living off cocnuts & sleeping in huts..& this flavour takes me there every time! They are also made with natural toxic free products so its a win, win!
  • Lani Body Scrub by Nalu Skin. The first time i used this delicious body scrub i thought three words... Just. Add. Vodka. Need I say more?
  • Mandala print by Ladmore Designs. Each time i walk past this print i smile, the detailing is super impressive & the glow from the gold foiling is amazzzzing!
  • Aqua drop earrings by Farghaly Designs. WOW! Each piece I see is just as amazing as the one before, but these beauties caught my eye & made an impression. As I already have SO MANY pairs of agate earrings I am leaving these online for someone special, but seriously, wow!
Well, there you have it, all the goodness loved by our little island lover - What are your favs?

* * * * * * * * * 

Thanks for reading, until next time..

x Renee.

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